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Power & Soft Washing

The first thing people look at are your Wood Surfaces

As you know, fresh looking shingles and other surfaces on or around your home make it more attractive and marketable if you are trying to sell it. Power washing will spruce up your house for sale or simply enhance your living space.

Power or Soft Washing Brightens and Preserves

Power washing an aged wooden deck or dingy cement patio surface can brighten the appearance of your back yard tremendously. It can also prolong the life and preserve surface appearance by removing mold and other growths.  

Curb Appeal

If you’re trying to sell a home, having bright surfaces are key to getting your price. We can power wash fences, driveways, patios, porches, and back yard storage sheds.  Sometimes a good power wash beats scraping and painting that old shed in back and can eliminate that eye sore behind the house.   

You'll be amazed at what power washing can make look new!




Cement Patios


Brick Walkways & Patios

Front Porches

Wood Decks

Sheds and Garages

Yard Statues

Lawn Furniture


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